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[gyoh-zuh; Japanese gyaw-zah]

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Gyoza is a Japanese style dumpling. Dumplings originate from China and are usually served steamed. Gyoza is steamed then fried and is a common household food, restaurant food and street market food in Japan making it one of Japan’s most loved cuisines.

SHOZA GYOZA began life at the Clunes General Store and Cafe, Clunes, NSW. The name ‘SHOZA’ was created in Japan when Sho, producer and owner of SHOZA GYOZA, and his wife Jireh Dixon, threw Gyoza parties with friends whilst living in Japan. At these parties Sho made the best GYOZA so the nickname SHOZA was born.

Originally from China, Sho lived in Japan for twelve years before moving to Australia in 2013. During his time in Japan he worked in a number of Japanese kitchens where he learnt how to make Japanese style dumplings. Together with his array of gyoza making knowledge and his own unique touch, Sho has developed a mouth watering dumpling that has proven to be a massive, mouth-watering success.

SHOZA GYOZAS can be purchased at various locations around the Northern Rivers area; at markets, at our stockists and two dining locations

Gyoza Japanese Dumplings Gyoza Japanese Dumplings

Learn how to cook Gyoza with Sho!

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